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dcsDigitiser, a graph digitizer and densitometer, converts graphs into digital X-Y numerical numbers for peer analysis of graphs and gel in the open literature and/or of your own hard copies. With excellent performance, dcsDigitiser is accurate, precise, versatile and straightforward in its use. It is now only a few clicks to get a numerical reading of graphs of interest while surfing on internet or reading a report. Simply 1) Copy and paste a graph to dcsDigitiser; 2) Click on the AutoDigitization tool button then click on the graph you wish to digitise, dcsDigitiser will then automatically digitise the graph. Digitised numerical numbers can be transferred to Excel by a single-click only. You'll instantly know how to use it, wasting no time on working out how to use a digitiser but on your analysis. dcsDigitiser accepts a range of formats of graph image including BMP, JPG, Tiff, GIF, PNG, ICO, clipboard etc. In addition to the function of graph digitizer, dcsDigitiser is also a densitometer. It is so easy to use dcsDigitiser to obtain density profiles for gel analysis.

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